Ed McGlasson

The Father Difference

Ed McGlasson

The Father Difference Devotional

Start your day by hearing the Father’s voice —as Jesus did and His Love and power will fill you with the faith you need to live the life God has made you for. Join the thousands of men and women who are hearing God the Father's voice daily.

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The Father Difference Podcast

This podcast is all about helping dads become better dads. It’s for dads who want to make a big difference in their kids’ lives and want their children to have a loving and present father to help them. It’s the reason we call it The Father Difference

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The Difference A Father Makes

The book that is transforming how men build families! If you’ve never received a blessing from your father, this is for you. It gives insight on how you can connect to God the Father and receive the blessing you never got a chance to receive.

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