Imagine for a moment that you had a superpower, Dad…..

A superpower that could prepare and shape your children to overcome (all that the world will throw at them) in their lifetimes.

The hurts they would encounter, the poor decisions they would make, the unhealthy habits they would develop, the pain they would suffer.

Imagine if you could give them something that could prepare them to face and overcome all of life’s burdens.

Something that would reside deep inside them to give them strength in the toughest seasons of life and hope for a future that would never change. 

That is what the Father Difference will do in your life! 

Be the Father You Were Meant to Be


We Inspire and Equip Men to be Better Fathers


  1. Christ-likeness: Reflect the love and heart of Jesus. 
  2. Gospel-centered: Be focused on the life-changing good news of Father God in Christ. 
  3. Servant leadership: Serve with both humility and boldness. 
  4. Authenticity: Balance grace and truth about ourselves and grace and truth about others. 
  5. Discernment: Seek the leading of the Holy Spirit through prayer, scripture, and the gathered community. 
  6. Community: Cultivate and nourish relationships and build up the body of Christ.
  7. Equip and support: local pastors with the tools to build dynamic men's ministries.
Ed Tandy - Giants

Pastor Ed McGlasson is the founder and executive director of The Father Difference, a Blessing of The Father ministry. He is a former NFL lineman who is now a pastor, best-selling author, and renowned conference and corporate event speaker. During his five-year career in the league, he played for the Giants, the Jets, and the Rams.

Ed's calling to ministry started during his college years, after he was healed from a knee injury that ended his sports career and led him to convert to Christianity. In his best-selling book, "The Difference A Father Makes," Ed recounts his life story, including the tragic loss of his military father in a U.S. Navy plane crash in 1956. This book has inspired thousands of readers, with over 450,000 copies sold since its release in 2004, and is now being downloaded for free in 125 different countries. 

Ed has written three other highly acclaimed books: "Be Loved" (2009), "The Father You've Always Wanted" (2013), and "How to Become the Husband and Father Your Family Needs" (2022).

The Father Difference addresses the fatherlessness epidemic in society by finding hope in the blessing of God our Father.

Ed lives in Southern California with his wife, Jill, of 33 years. They have five adult children, four more through marriage, and 13 grandchildren.