Be the Father You Were Meant to Be


We Inspire and Equip Men to be Better Fathers


Love — We love God, our neighbor, and the local church 
Follow — The work of God and His Holy Spirit
Hope — It’s never too late to heal your relationships
Faith — No problem is too big for God
Excellence — Be the best you can be every day by answering God’s calling
Balance — Healthy boundaries for work and family
Good Communication — Be clear, truthful and loving 
Integrity — Let your yes be yes and your no be no
Compassion — We demonstrate God’s mercy and forgiveness
Accountability — All team members are accountable to one another and to God
Profitability — Good stewardship is required to sustain the ministry

Ed Tandy - Giants

Pastor Ed McGlasson is the founder and executive director of The Blessing of The Father Ministries. He is a pastor, best-selling author, renowned conference and corporate event speaker, and a five-year veteran in the National Football League. As a former lineman in the NFL, Ed played with the Giants, the Jets, and the Rams.

Ed’s call to ministry began in college, after being healed from a career-ending knee injury that led to his conversion and faith in Christ. Ed details his life in his best-selling book The Difference A Father Makes, including the loss of his heroic military dad in a tragic U.S. Navy plane crash in 1956. This book has changed thousands of readers' lives with over 450,000 copies sold since its release in 2004. The Difference a Father Makes has also been translated into Spanish. Ed has since authored two other highly acclaimed books: Be Loved (2009) and The Father You’ve Always Wanted (2013).

The Blessing of the Father Ministries strike the core of an epidemic: A fatherless society. Ed believes it can be addressed and healed through the hope found in the blessing of God our Father. 

Ed resides in Southern California with his wife, Jill. Together, they have five adult children with four more through marriage and 11 amazing grandchildren.