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A Family Building Program For Couples

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Families are hurting today – not because of a lack of wanting to have a great family, but because many find themselves in challenging family situations that they don’t know how to fix. If that sounds familiar, whether you're single or married, this series has been written to bring healing to your family.

The Blessing of the Father for Families is a family healing program that restores relationships and transforms your family. Pastor Ed coaches you through everything you’ve wanted to know about how to heal your family story. It includes a 6-session video series with a corresponding workbook, including "Questions for Reflection" and "Time with My Father Devotional". Watch each session at your own pace while going through the workbook.

Are you ready to receive the healing your family needs?

Did you know that we were made to be fathered by God, that His love and blessing can heal you and your family’s story?

“I will be a father to you, and you shall be sons and daughters to me, says the Lord Almighty.” (2 Cor. 6:18, ESV)

When we allow God to father us, it changes the way we live and connect with our families. Many of us have not had a father who knew how to be physically or emotionally present in our life. This leaves a “father wound” affecting every aspect of our lives and can hinder us from being all we can be in our personal relationships.

By reading this book, you’ll discover:

  • How to receive the Father’s love and blessing
  • How to bless those you love
  • How to leave a legacy of love and blessing to your children and grandchildren

Pastor Ed McGlasson has helped thousands of families receive the love and blessing of the Father through His Son, Jesus. The Blessing of the Father for Families workbook with streaming video shares the life-changing power the Father’s blessing can have in your life and family.

Ed and his wife, Jill, have been married for over 37 years. They have five beloved children, gained four more sons and daughters through marriage, and 10 amazing grandchildren. 

The Father loves you and sent His Son to let you know!

This product includes:

  • A streaming video* (6 sessions)
  • 2 workbooks

*With our streaming video, you will receive immediate access to watch the 6 sessions online! You will additionally receive your 2 copies of the workbook in the mail.

(Excerpt from the book)

“The deepest search in life, it seemed to me, the thing that in one way or another was central to all living was man’s search to find a father, not merely the father of his flesh, not merely the lost father of his youth, but the image of a strength and wisdom external to his need and superior to his hunger, to which the belief and power of his own life could be united.” Thomas Wolfe

Beloved, that search for a father, which Thomas Wolfe so beautifully described, is the reason we wrote and filmed The Blessing of the Father for Families.

Twenty years ago, God called me and gave me a mission: to heal broken families by connecting them to the love, power and blessing of God the Father through His Son, Jesus Christ. As I began to share my story of how I became a man at age 40 through the Blessing of the Father I always wanted, I noticed something: I was tapping into a deep ache in people. Little did I know that we were tapping into a worldwide ache that so many people carry. The prophet Jeremiah wrote about this wound in the book of Lamentations:

“Orphans we are, not a father in sight, and our mothers no better than widows” (Lamentations 5:3, MSG).

This is the type of wounding that happens when someone tries to face life without a present, loving father who knows how to bless him/ her with his words and actions. The effect of not having such a father is devastating.

I wrote my first book, The Difference a Father Makes, to share my story with a larger audience, and I was blown away by the response it received. Those who read it bought it for their friends and gave it away as gifts on Father’s Day. Moms read it and responded as well. It was incredible to see healing come to families with every kind of background from the shared connection of our father wound.

So many of those who read my book sent in testimonies of how the Blessing of the Father had restored their marriages and their relationships with their kids, and had set them on a path to changing their community. We also started getting questionslots of questions: “I understand the Blessing of the Father for me, but how do I give that away to my kids?” “What if my kids aren’t speaking to me? How can I bless them?” “My spouse and I aren’t on the same page. We can’t seem to get our marriage right, let alone our kids. How does the Blessing of the Father apply to us?” “I’ve screwed my whole family up. Now that I’ve heard your message, I understand how I got here, but I’ve made so many mistakes that I don’t think my kids will ever forgive me. What can I do?”

Beloved, that’s why we created this new series: The Blessing of the Father for Families. It’s for you and by you. How, you might ask? We have taken the questions you most often asked, combined them with what I’ve learned over the last 12 years since I wrote The Difference a Father Makes, and then created something that I truly believe will help you in your story right now.

Whether or not you’ve read The Difference a Father Makes, whether or not you’ve been to one of our conferences, within this series you’ll find the tools and keys you need to receive and give away the Blessing of the Father for your family.

I meet people every day still searching for the Father they’ve always wanted. They want to bless their family and their kids, but without a blessing from their own father, they have no idea where to start. They find themselves stuck, in their relationships, in their own backstory, in their choices, and they don’t know why. They feel alone in their story because they never had a father who was present and knew how to bless them.

We designed this product with your family story in mind so that no matter what kind of family story you have, you can encounter the only Father who can heal and make you into the person Jesus has called you to be.

It doesn’t matter how your story started, Beloved. God has a plan to heal your story and restore your family. I’m so glad you’re here.

Ed McGlasson

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